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Swarm DISC: Public outreach, maintenance, development and operational activities

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Swarm DISC - the Data, Innovation and Science Cluster - is a consortium of 16 expert partners and 7 collaborators (November 2017) with a project office at DTU Space supporting the exploitation of the Swarm mission. The objective of Swarm DISC is to foster an ecosystem of new innovative data products or services enhancing the return on investment with respect to the Swarm scientific results.

The GFZ had the responsibility to develop and support several Swarm mission products:

  • Dedicated core field modeling including estimation of the Euler angles (DCO);
  • Total Electrical Content (TEC);
  • Ionospheric Bubble Index (IBI);
  • Ionospheric single and dual Field Aligned Currents (FACs)

Currently, we support the following activities:

  • Communication with the scientists;
  • Public outreach activities
  • Calibration of Third-Party-Mission-magnetometers;
  • Global empirical Model of equatorial "bubble"-occurrence rate.

You are welcome to sign up for the Swarm DISC newsletter (on the top, right of the Swarm DISC ITTs) to receive notification when new ITTs, clarifications or Open Calls related to the Swarm mission are published.


Since July 2016


The European Space Agency (ESA)


  • Dr. Monika Korte (GFZ team leader)
  • Dr. Guram Kervalishvili (GFZ)
  • Jan Rauberg (GFZ)
  • Dr. Martin Rother (GFZ)
  • Ingo Michaelis (GFZ)







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