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GNSS+R 2015 Workshop presentations and posters for download

Link to directory:  https://media.gfz-potsdam.de/gfz/sec11/projects/GNSSR15/

Key note speech:

Invited Talk:  

Session 1:
GNSS+R applications for oceanography and water surface monitoring
(Chairs: Ch. Gommenginger, M. Semmling)

Session 2:
GNSS+R applications for hydrology (e.g., soil moisture/snow), vegetation and atmosphere

(Chairs: N. Pierdicca, K. Larson)

Session 3:
Theoretical Aspects and recent advances in GNSSR+R data analysis

(Chairs: C. Ruf, M.-P. Clarizia)

Session 4:
New trends and developments in GNSS+R instrument technology

(Chairs: M. Unwin, J. Garrison)

Session 5:
Recent and new satellite missions with GNSS+R components

(Chairs: M. Martin-Neira, C. Zuffada)

Poster Session
(Chairs: S. Jin, G. Beyerle)

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