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PhaseKinetics modeling of hydrocarbon formed during thermal evolution, Permian Lucaogou Formation, Junggar Basin: physical properties, phase prediction and petroleum potential


As an important regional source rock for many petroleum fields in Junggar Basin, Middle Permian Lucaogou shale is distributed in the southern part, called Jimusaer. From the unconventional petroleum system view, Lucaogou shale is now treated as a self-sourced system that can generate and store hydrocarbons, thus serving both as source and reservoir rocks. In both conventional and unconventional petroleum systems, the reconstruction of the timing of petroleum generation and the changing GOR are critical, because both depend on the thermal history of the source rock and the reaction kinetics of hydrocarbon generation from kerogen. Therefore, kinetics laws are routinely considered as a very rudimentary element in modelling hydrocarbon generation from the source rock. In this study, we investigate the physical properties, phase prediction and petroleum potential based on the PhaseKinetics approach which contains the integration of Rock-Eval, open-system pyrolysis gas-chromatography, thermo-evaporization, bulk kinetics, closed-system gas chromatography (MSSV), and PhaseKinetics modelling. This project is financed by China Scholarship Council (CSC) and supported by PetroChina, from 11.2014 to 10.2016


  • to calculate the average geological heating rate from the onset (transformation ratio TR=10%) and end (TR=90%) of bulk hydrocarbon generation;
  • to calculate the geological conditions (burial depth, temperature, and time) of the onset, main stage, and end of bulk hydrocarbon generation based on the thermal history of a local model well;
  • to examine the relative position of the bubble point pressure and the shale reservoir;
  • to predict the phase of fluids in the shale reservoir throughout maturation history.


  • Brian Horsfield
  • Hans-Martin Schulz
  • Robert Ondrak
  • Songqi Pan


  • China Scholarship Council and PetroChina
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