Sektion 3.4: Fluidsystemmodellierung

  • 2015

    • Zeitschriftenartikel (Sonstige Zeitschriften)

      • (2015): Geo-Ressource Untergrund: Chancen und Risiken im Rahmen der Energiewende. - Zur Debatte : Themen der Katholischen Akademie in Bayern1
    • Buch

      • acatech (Ed.)
         (2015): Hydraulic Fracturing. Eine Technologie in der Diskussion, (acatech POSITION), Utz Verlag : München, 68 p.
    • Hochschulschrift

      • (2015): Economic competitiveness of underground coal gasification combined with carbon capture and storage in the Bulgarian energy network, PhD Thesis, (Mitteilungen zur Ingenieurgeologie und Hydrogeologie ; 107)Techn. Hochschule : Aachen110 p.
      • (2015): Quantification of upward brine displacement from saline aquifers and mechanical effects in geological CO2 storage, PhD ThesisFreie Univ. : Berlin127 p.
    • Konferenzbeitrag

      • (2015)Introducing GCex: A Tool for Setup and Interactive Visual Exploration of Geochemical Simulations(Goldschmidt Abstracts)Goldschmidt Conference (Prague 2015), p. 710.
      • (2015)Quantitative time-lapse 3D seismic data interpretation from the pilot site of Ketzin (CO2 Storage): the level of noise(Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 17, EGU2015-5275, 2015)General Assembly European Geosciences Union (Vienna, Austria 2015).
      • (2015)Interactive Visual Analytics Approch for Exploration of Geochemical Model Simulations with Different Parameter Sets(Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 17, EGU2015-12052)General Assembly European Geosciences Union (Vienna 2015).
      • (2015)Impact of caprock permeability on vertical ground surface displacements in geological underground utilisation(Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 17, EGU2015-12163-1, 2015)General Assembly European Geosciences Union (Vienna, Austria 2015).
      • Koltzer, N.Inbar, N.Siebert, C.Möller, P.Rosenthal, E.Schneider, M.Magri, F. 
        (2015)Inverse problem to constrain the controlling parameters of large-scale heat transport processes: The Tiberias Basin example(Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 17, EGU2015-9897)General Assembly European Geosciences Union (Vienna 2015).
      • (2015)Do we have to consider temperature-dependent material properties in large-scale environmental impact assessments of underground coal gasification?(Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 17, EGU2015-791, 2015)General Assembly European Geosciences Union (Vienna 2015).
      • (2015)Numerical simulations of saltwater displacement via fault systems due to exploitation of the subsurface(Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 17, EGU2015-12019-2, 2015)General Assembly European Geosciences Union (Vienna, Austria 2015).