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EPOS Implementation Phase (EPOS IP)

EU Project H2020
PI: Thomas R. Walter
People:  Mehdi Nikkhoo, Karsten Tausche, Francesco Maccaferri

The European Plate Observing System (EPOS) aims at creating a pan-­‐European infrastructure for solid Earth science to support a safe and sustainable society. The mission of EPOS is to integrate the diverse and advanced European Research Infrastructures for solid Earth Science relying on new e‐science opportunities to monitor and unravel the dynamic and complex Earth System such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Here we are mainly involved in two work packages:

WP11 Volcano Observatories: the Sub-Task “Modelling and computational volcanology”, with the aim to contribute to a better comprehension of volcanic processes resulting from various data streams. To this aim modelling portals will be developed and implemented, with a special focus on the physical processes and assessing a prediction tool to evaluate possible eruption and intrusion scenarios.

WP12 Satellite Data: we are in charge of the “MOD Service” (Ground deformation modelling) within WP12. Aim of the MOD Service is to test and validate ground deformation data in geologic context, assemble and provide modelling tools and results of ground deformation data. Products related to the source parameters are original and allow rapid assessment of the observed ground deformation, relevant for EO, for solid earth researchers and decision makers alike.

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