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MAule eaRthquake: Integration of Seismic Cycle Observations and Structural investigations

The MARISCOS group proposal consists of five interconnected projects founded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The ultimate goal of MARISCOS is to reveal structural details of the Maule subduction zone, detect tempo-spatial changes of material properties and quantify the relative importance of the processes that are ascribed to the seismic cycle. 

We contribute to MARISCOS with Project 4: Seismic and aseismic deformation processes associated with the 2010 Maule earthquake.

The main goal of our study is to quantify and understand the partitioning of plate convergence into seismic and aseismic deformation processes and their temporal evolution over a subduction zone seismic cycle. We will principally investigate the mechanisms responsible for postseismic deformation using GPS and InSAR observations, and kinematic modeling. With this 4D quantitative information, we will explore the spatial and temporal evolution of asperities and barriers on the interface and the recovery of the megathrust fault. In addition, we will compare the pre- and postseismic spatial patterns of kinematics that will provide key information on the temporal persistence of asperities and barriers, key elements to assess future rupture patterns and magnitudes.

Principal investigators (all section 4.1): 
Dr. Marcos Moreno
Dr. Matthias Rosenau
Jonathan Bedford (PhD student)
Prof. Dr. Onno Oncken

Mitja Bartsch (Section 1.1, GFZ-Potsdam)
Dr. Jürgen Klotz (Section 1.1, GFZ-Potsdam)
Dr. Oliver Heidbach (Section 2.6, GFZ-Potsdam)
Dr. Marie Keiding (Section 2.6, GFZ-Potsdam)
Dr. Juan Carlos Baez (University of Concepcion, Chile)

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