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World Heat Flow Database Project

The aim of the World Heat Flow Database Project is to develop a new research data infrastructure for the IHFC Global Heat Flow Database (IHFC) offering a one-stop shop for comprehensive information on heat-flow related data, publications, projects, and researchers. This new user-oriented web service will provide to the geoscientific community quality-proofed, up-to-date, well-documented, extended, enriched, and restructured heat-flow data. The project supports the Global Heat Flow Data Assessment Project. The new database will reflect the criteria of FAIR and OPEN data policy and will support the interoperability with other geoscientific data services (e.g., EPOS). Core elements are the provision of globally used persistent identifiers: (i) DOI for heat-flow data newly submitted to the database, (ii) ORCID IDs to uniquely identify authors, and (iii) International Generic Sample Numbers (IGSN) for connecting data and literature with physical samples on which data were measured.

Project partners

  • GFZ Potsdam (Section Geoenergy, Library and information services
  • TU Dresden (Geoinformatics)


As the driving force behind the World Heat Flow Database Project, GFZ is responsible for the continued maintenance and development of the updated Global Heat Flow Database. The role of LIS within this project is to ensure that best practices for metadata storage are adhered to and that the database is integrated with pre-existing internal and external data services.

Project start

June 2022

Contact persons

Dr Sven Fuchs (Project Lead): Phone: +49 331 288-1713, E-Mail: sven.fuchs@gfz-potsdam.de

Dr Kirsten Elger (Project Lead): Phone: +49 331 6264 28617, E-Mail: kirsten.elger@gfz-potsdam.de 

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