Sektion 2.8: Magnetosphärenphysik

The goal of this project is to develop a more quantitatively accurate model of plasma density in the plasmasphere and to quantify its dynamic dependence on solar wind and geomagnetic conditions.

The goal of PROGRESS is to develop an accurate and reliable forecast system for the occurrence and severity of space weather events. Within project PROGRESS we aim to develop an European tool to forecast the solar wind parameters just upstream of the Earth's magnetosphere.

Novel methods for the 3D reconstruction of the dynamic evolution of the Van Allen belts using multiple satellite measurements (project B06 of Collaborative Research Centre 1294 “Data Assimilation: The seamless integration of data and models”)

SWAMI project aims to enhance the understanding of space weather processes and their impact on atmospheric density by: developing improved atmosphere and thermosphere models; new geomagnetic activity indices; and improving the forecast capabilities of the existing and new geomagnetic activity indices.