11. PhD Day at the GFZ Potsdam

Gruppenfoto der Teilnehmer


EGU Talks

Best EGU Talk: Florian Wagner (Sektion 6.3)

  “Estimating permeability of a storage reservoir based on multi-physical observations”

2nd best EGU Talk: Andrea Kiss (Sektion 5.3)

  “Global and local patterns of bacterial communities associated with peatland bryophytes”


EGU Posters

Best EGU Poster: Bojana Petrovic (Sektion 7.1)

  “Joint deconvolution of building and downhole strong motion recordings: Evidence for the seismic wavefield being radiated back into the shallow geological layers”

2nd best EGU Poster: Ernestine Lieder (Sektion 5.4)

  “A low cost sensor network approach to investigate spatio-temporal patterns of stream temperatures and electrical conductivity”

3rd best EGU Poster: Maximilian Frick (Sektion 6.1)

  “The geothermal field below the city of Berlin, Germany: Results from structurally and parametrically improved 3D Models”


A0 Posters

Best A0 Poster: Jorge Bernales (Sektion 1.3)

  “Modelling rapid flow of the Antarctic Ice Sheet using continental-scale models”

2nd best A0 Poster: David Uhlig (Sektion 3.3)

  “Deep subsoil tree phosphorus sources in forest ecosystems”

3rd best A0 Poster: Christopher Irrgang (Sektion 1.3)

  “Uncertainties in modelling the ocean-induced magnetic field”


Laymen's Talks

Best Laymen's Talk: Nicole Biedermann (Sektion 4.3)

  “High-pressure phase transition and single-crystal elasticity of strontianite”

2nd best Laymen's Talk: Leonie Pick (Sektion 2.3)

  “Correcting geomagnetic secular variation for magnetospheric disturbance on decadal time scales”


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