9. Doktorandentag des GFZ Potsdam

Thema: Share your knowledge - leave your footprint in science



GrandMa Talks

Best GrandMa Talk: Janine Görsch (Sektion 4.4)

   „El’gygytgyn Crater Lake – Changes in the microbial community and their impact”

2nd best GrandMa Talk: Lukas Belz (Sektion 4.3)

   „Reconstruction of southern African continental climate during the Holocene from salt

     pans using organic geochemistry”  

EGU Talks

Best EGU Talk: Jacqueline Salzer (Sektion 2.1)

  “Satellite radar data reveals short-term pre-explosive displacements and a complex

   conduit system at Volcan de Colima, Mexico”

2nd best EGU Talk: Benedikt Soja (Sektion 1.1)

   “Investigations of the solar corona by VLBI"              

A0 Poster

Best A0 Poster: Elena Tillner (Sektion 5.3)  

  “Upward brine migration through faults due to CO2 injection into a saline aquifer

   assessed with 3D dynamic modelling”  

2nd best A0 Poster: Christian Feld (Sektion 2.2)  

  “Wide-angle Seismic investigation to reveal the crustal structure of the Eratosthenes

    Seamount, Cyprus and South Turkey”  

Appreciation Award A0 Poster: Ulrike Hoffert (Sektion 4.1)

  “The Partial Molal Volume of the Calcium Sulphate Ion Pair”  

EGU Poster

Best EGU Poster: Juliane Dannberg (Sektion 2.5) 

  “Dynamics and structure of thermo-chemical mantle plumes: Are numerical models

   consistent with observations?”  

2nd Best EGU Poster: Ingo Dressel (Sektion 4.4)  

  “Evolution of the SW African passive continental margin during the post-rift phase”