8. Doktorandentag des GFZ Potsdam

Thema: Geoscience of the past, present & future


Bester EGU-Talk: Annamaria Saponaro (2.1) "An innovative tool for landslide susceptibility mapping in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia"

2. Preis EGU-Talk: Ilya Ostanin (4.3) "Hydrocarbon plumbing systems and impact of Quaternary glaciations on the Snohvit gas feld, SW Barents Sea"

Bester Grandma-Talk: Oeystein Haug (3.1) "Developing an Experimental Simulation Method for Rock Avalanches: Fragmentation Behavior of Brittle Analogue Material"

Bestes EGU Poster: Yvonne Cherubini (4.4) "The impact of fault zones on the 3D coupled fuid and heat transport for the area of Brandenburg (NE German Basin)"

Bestes A0-Poster: Karina Hennig (5.2) "Monsoon signals in δ18O of tropical tree rings - A case study on Tectona grandis from Indonesia"