7. Doktorandentag des GFZ Potsdam

Auszeichnungen für Poster

1. Georg Spiekermann (3.3) "Vibrational properties of silica species in MgO-SiO2 glasses from ab initio molecular dynamics"

2. Björn-Onno Kaiser (4.4) "Heat transport processes within the NEGB and their sensitivity to the resolution of the mesh - results from 3D numerical simulations"

3. Elena Tillner (Centre for CO2 Storage) "From competition to synergy - linking geothermal systems with geological CO2 storage"

Auszeichnungen für Vorträge

Best EGU Talk: Peter Bergmann (Centre for CO2 Storage) "Combining geoelectrics and seismics using a structural constrained inversion approach with an application at the CO2 pilot storage Ketzin (Germany)"

2nd best EGU Talk: Elvira Mulyukova (2.5) "Numerical Modeling of the Deep Mantle Convection: Accuracy of the Tracer Methods"

Grandma Talk: Ilya Ostanin (4.3) "Hydrocarbon plumbing system above the Snøhvit gas field, Hammerfest Basin SW Barents Sea: evidence of structural control."

Publikums Award für das beste Poster

Kristina Tietze (2.2) "3D magnetotelluric inversion in presence of a 2D regional conductivity structure"