B. Sc. ZhiChen Wang

ZhiChen Wang
B. Sc. ZhiChen Wang
Building A 46, Room 209
Albert-Einstein-Straße 42-46
14473 Potsdam

Function and Responsibilities:

PhD candidate in Geodynamic Modelling

Research Interests:

My research interests focus on the dynamics of the long-term lithosphere extension and salt deformation at the rifted margins.


Nov 2021 – Now:

Visiting PhD student at the Geodynamic Modeling section


Sep 2018 – Oct 2021:

PhD candidate in School of Earth and Space Sciences

Peking University

Sep 2014 – Jun 2018:

Bachelor of Resource Exploration Engineering

China University of Petroleum


Fellowship: Scholarship awarded by China Scholarship Council (CSC), 2021

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