M. Sc. Robin Wojcik

Robin Wojcik
M. Sc. Robin Wojcik
PhD Student
Building C, Room 123
14473 Potsdam
+49 331 288-27533

Function and Responsibilities:

PhD student

Research Interests:


Glacial forefields, High Arctic

Geochemistry, minerology and microbiology


Oct 2016 – present:  PhD student, Section 4.4 Interface Geochemistry, GFZ German Reseach Centre for Geosciences, Potsdam, Germany

Oct 2015 – May 2016:  Research Assistant – department of Physical Geography of Stockholm University (Sweden)

Jun 2015 – Jul 2015:  Field Work Assistant – department of Physical Geography of Stockholm University (Sweden)


2013 – 2015:  Master’s degree in Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology – department of Physical Geography of Stockholm University (Sweden)
Project title: "Land cover and landform classification upscaling of soil organic carbon stocks in the Brøgger Peninsula, Svalbard".
Supervisors: Peter Kuhry and Gustaf Hugelius.

2010 - 2013:  Bachelor´s degree in Physical Geography and Landscape Planning – Institute of Alpine Geography of Grenoble (IGA), University Joseph Fourier (France)


My PhD project is supported by the EU-funded MicroArctic.

My work within the MicroArctic project aims to improve our understanding of the glacial forefield ecosystem response to changing environmental conditions in the Arctic. My research interest specifically aims to develop a geochemical model of the bulk and micro-scale changes in geochemical and mineralogical parameters that link C and nutrient cycling to weathering. To this end, my task is to participate in Arctic field work and collect depth- and time-resolved samples; to quantify the bulk elemental and micro-scale geochemical and mineralogical variations to evaluate weathering budgets; determine carbon and nutrient (P, N and Fe) speciation and evaluate links between abiotic and biotic processes affecting weathering.