Dr. Robert Heinkelmann

Function and Responsibilities:

head of the VLBI group

Research Interests:

    * Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI)

    * Applications of geodetic and astrometric VLBI

    * Terrestrial and celestial reference systems and frames, geodetic datum

    * Theory of Earth rotation

    * Combination of space geodetic techniques

    * Analysis and modeling of VLBI observations, in particular of neutral atmosphere and ionosphere

    * Development of analysis software for VLBI 'group delay' and 'dispersive delay' observables

    * Probing the solar corona by VLBI

    * Measurements of artificial radio sources with VLBI equipment


since 2012:  Head of the VLBI group at GFZ within Department 1 Geodesy and Remote Sensing, Section 1.1 GPS/Galileo Earth Observation

2008 - 2012:  Scientist at Deutsches Geodätisches Forschungsinstitut (DGFI), Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften (BAdW), field: VLBI for geodesy and astrometry, IVS Analysis and Combination center 

2008:  PhD (Dr. techn.), Geodesy and Geophysics at the Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria, "Determination of atmospheric water vapor by VLBI as a contribution to climate sciences"

2006 – 2007:  Guest research fellow at Geomatik Mühendisliği Department, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey 

2004 – 2008:  Assistant at the Institute for Geodesy and Geophysics, Vienna TU, Austria

2002 – 2004:  Surveying engineer, software developer, cartograph, at Angermeier Ingenieure, Giebelstadt, ARC Berlin, Berlin, Kartographie Huber, Munich, iPublish Ganske Interactive Publishing, Turkey 

2002:  MSc (Diplom-Ingenieur, Univ.) Vermessungswesen at Technische Universität München, „Erweiterung der stochastischen Modellbildung bei VLBI-Auswertungen mit dem Programm OCCAM 5.0“

1996 – 2002:  BSc and MSc program in Vermessungswesen at Technische Universität München, specialization: space geodetic techniques and celestial mechanics, astronomical and physical geodesy 

1996:  Volunteer NATO-mission 'GeCon-IFOR II' at the former Republic of Yugoslavia, StFmRgt 4,Corporal and head of a satellite communication unit

1995:  General qualifiation for the university entrance (Abitur) at Unterhaching / Munich, Freestate Bavaria, Germany

Research Boards and Committees:

IAU Working Group on Standards of Fundamental Astronomy (SOFA)
IAU Working Group on the third realization of the ICRS: ICRF3
IAU/IAG Joint Working Group on Theory of Earth Rotation, Organizing Committee
IAG GGOS Bureau for Networks and Communications (BNC)
IAG GGOS Bureau for Standards and Conventions (BSC)
IAG Working Group 1.4.1
IAG Working Group 1.4.2
IAG Study Group 4.3.1
IGS Troposphere Working Group
IVS Troposphere Working Group, chair
Robert Heinkelmann
Dr. Robert Heinkelmann
Group Leader
Building A 17 , Room 10.01
14473 Potsdam
+49 331 288-1144