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M. Sc. Reza Dokht Dolatabadi Esfahani

M. Sc. Reza Dokht Dolatabadi Esfahani
Building A 70, Room 202 (Büro)
14473 Potsdam


2018 - Ph.D. student at University of Potsdam (NatRiskChange research group) and GFZ

2017 - M.Sc in Geophysics, University of Tehran, Iran

2014 - B.Sc. in Mining Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, 


SWI: Matlab program for nonlinear Surface wave inversion

PyAudio: A java program for multichannel audio visualization 

Project-I7: Time-dependent monitoring of active faults and landslides properties: developing new data processing approaches based on music information retrieval (MIR) strategies

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