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M. Sc. Rey Mourot

PhD Student
M. Sc. Rey Mourot
Building A 71, Room 226 (Büro - Wissenschaftler/in)
14473 Potsdam

Function and Responsibilities:

PhD student in section 3.5 Interface Geochemistry.

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Research Interests:

Project updates: 

Year 2022

Year 2021

My research is centered around combining multi-omics and visual approaches to elucidate microbial interactions in extreme environments. I currently focus on the structures and dynamics of supraglacial microbial communities. I use electron microscopy techniques adapted to the specificities of field (Greenland) ice samples (cryo-SEM) and X-ray techniques (X-ray computed tomography) to visualize the 3D structure of microbial layers in the top-meter glacial ice. 


Since 10.2020
PhD student, Sec. 3.5 Interface Geochemistry, GFZ Potsdam, Germany

Research visits abroad: 
02.2020 - 04.2020
Visiting researcher, Faculty of Natural Resource Sciences, University of Akureyri, Iceland


2018 - 2020: MSc Ecology and Evolution at Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS Ulm), Paris, France

2015 - 2018: BSc Biology at Sorbonne Universities, Paris, France


My PhD project is part of the ERC Synergy Grant Deep Purple.

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