M. Eng. Qi Zhou

PhD Student
M. Eng. Qi Zhou
Building F, Room 427
14473 Potsdam

Research Interests:

1. Detection and application mining for environmental seismic signals;

2. Machine learning and early warning systems for debris flow;

3. Quantitative risk assessment for natural hazards;


2014/09 -2018/06: Chengdu University of Technology, China, studied Engineering Geology in College of Environment and Civil Engineering

2018/09 -2021/06: Chengdu University of Technology, China, researched on Quantitative Risk Assessment of Site-Specific Landslide in State Key Laboratory of Geohazard Prevention and Geoenvironment Protection (SKLGP)


2021/04: Outstanding University Graduates in Sichuan Province, China

2019/11: International symposium on soil and water resource and ecology in the loess plateau, 2019.11, Xi'an, China, Excellent Report

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