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Dr. Patricia Ritter

Dr. Patricia Ritter
Building A 42, Room 102 (Büro)
Albert-Einstein-Straße 42-46
14473 Potsdam

Function and Responsibilities:

Coordination Department 2 "Geophysics"

Research Interests:

  • ionospheric and magnetospheric current systems
  • physics of polar and equatorial ionosphere
  • geomagnetic substorms


since 2013 department coordinator
since 2000 research scientist at GFZ
1998 - 2000 DFG research grant at GFZ
1992 - 1994 EU PhD grant (JOULE Programme)


1991 - 1996 University of Edinburgh, PhD
1982 - 1989 FU Berlin, Dipl. Geophysics


  • Closed Projects:
  • German Swarm Project Office – preparation and coordination of the German user community for Swarm data exploitation; interface ESA - Astrium - DLR; concept for data usage; preparations for DFG priority programme SPP DynamicEarth, public outreach, Swarm Science Meeting.
  • Swarm Level2 - development of the Swarm Level-2 algorithms and associated Level-2 processing facility for ESA; SMART Consortium
  • SVT - coordination of German activities in ESA’s Swarm Validation Team
  • ESA science studies:
    • Exploiting synergies between Swarm and Cluster
    • Swarm - The impact of combined magnetic and electric field analysis and of ocean circulation effects on Swarm Mission performance
    • Ionospheric Current Quantification and Modelling for Improved Magnetic and Electric Field Analyses for Swarm (admin.)
    • Air density models derived from multi-satellite drag observations (admin.)
  • DFG Projects:
    • Improvement of satellite main field modelling through a better separation of internal from external contributions (SPP-1097)
    • Modelling ionospheric currents based on CHAMP and ground based magnetic field observations (SPP-1097)
  • Swarm Phase B, C/D E1 - support and verification of the required scientific performance of ESA’s Swarm mission (admin.)
  • BMWi Study - on the impact of geomagnetic storms on German electric power lines - Auswirkung von geomagnetischen Stürmen auf das deutsche Stromübertragungsnetz: Sachstand und Forschungsbedarf (admin.)
  • IMAGE - International Monitor for Auroral Geomagnetic Effect

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