Dr. Oliver Rach

Function and Responsibilities:

Labmanager of the "Organic Surface Geochemistry Lab" in section 5.1

Research Interests:

- stable isotopes: hydrogen (H), carbon (C), oxygen (O), nitrogen (N)
- organic geochemistry (biomarker)
- paleohydrology/ paleoclimatology


- 02/ 2014 - 03/ 2015: Labmanager of the "Basel Stable Isotope Ecology Lab" at the university of Basel (CH)


- 03/ 2010 - 06/ 2015: PhD-Student (organic geochemistry - biomarker) at the university of Potsdam
- 10/ 2004 - 02/ 2010: study of geology at the university of Potsdam (Diplom)


Rach, O., Engels, S., Kahmen, A., Brauer, A., Martin-Puertas, C., van Geel, B. and Sachse, D. (2017) Hydrological and ecological changes in western Europe between 3200 and 2000 years BP derived from lipid biomarker δD values in lake Meerfelder Maar Sediments. Quaternary Science Reviews 172, 44-54.

Rach, O., Kahmen, A., Brauer, A., and Sachse, D.: A dual-biomarker approach for quantification of changes in relative humidity from sedimentary lipid D∕H ratios, Clim. Past, 13, 741-757, https://doi.org/10.5194/cp-13-741-2017, 2017

Engels S, Brauer A, Buddelmeijer N, Martin-Puertas C, Rach O, Sachse D, van Geel B (2016) Subdecadal-scale vegetation responses to a previously unknown late-Allerød climate fluctuation and Younger Dryas cooling at Lake Meerfelder Maar (Germany). Journal of Quaternary Science 31 (7)

Rach, O., A. Brauer, H. Wilkes and D. Sachse (2014). "Delayed hydrological response to Greenland cooling at the onset of the Younger Dryas in western Europe." Nature Geoscience 7: 109-112.
Oliver Rach
Dr. Oliver Rach
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