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Dr. Moritz Ziegler

Dr. Moritz Ziegler
Building A 70, Room 221 (Büro)
14473 Potsdam

Research Interests:

  • 3D geomechanical-numerical modelling
  • Uncertainties in geomechanical modelling
  • Pore Pressure/Stress Coupling
  • Stress rotation
  • In-situ stress state
  • World Stress Map


Since 10/2023 PostDoc at TU München in Walter Benjamin funded project PHYSALIS
10/2017 - 09/2024 PostDoc at GFZ Potsdam, Section 2.6
04/2014 - 10/2017 PhD-student at GFZ Potsdam, Section 2.6
09/2012 - 09/2013 Student assistant at GFZ Potsdam, Section 2.6


2017 Dr. rer. nat. in Geophysics at Uni Potsdam
2014 M.Sc. in Geophysics at Uni Potsdam
2011 B.Sc. in Earth Sciences at FU Berlin
2010/2011 Study abroad at Háskóla Íslands, Reykjavík,Iceland


  • PHYSALIS - PHYsics-based Stability Assessment Leading to Improved Subsurface usage. Funded by the DFG in the framework of the Walter Bejmain Programme
  • SQUARE - Spannungsprognosen - QUAntifizierung und REduzierung von Ungewissheiten mit geomechanisch-numerischen Untergrundmodellen (Stress prognosis - QUAtification and REduction of uncertainties with geomechanical-numerical subsurface models)

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