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Marvin Reich

Marvin Reich
Building C 4, Room 2.21 (Büro)
14473 Potsdam

Function and Responsibilities:

Research fellow

Research Interests:


Hydrological processes above the surface, in the vadose zone & groundwater

Soil moisture variations in space and time

Gravity gradient measurements

Cosmic ray neutron sensing, electrical resistivity and other geophysical measurements


since 2021: Research fellow, collaborative research centre "TerraQ" (Section Hydrology, GFZ, Potsdam)

2017 - 2021: Research fellow and engineer, project "MOSES" (Section Hydrology, GFZ, Potsdam)

2017: Instructor for Software and Data Workshops (Software Carpentry Foundation)

2013 - 2017: Research fellow (PhD student) (Section Hydrology, GFZ, Potsdam)

2013: Technician (soil physics lab) (Section Hydrology, GFZ, Potsdam)

2011 - 2013: Research assistant (Section Hydrology, GFZ, Potsdam)

2010 - 2011: Student assistant (Engineering consultants for Hydrology „Asbrand“, Berlin)

2009 - 2010: Project assistant (Ezcurra & Schmidt, Buenos Aires)


2013 - 2023: Doctorate (Dr. rer. nat.) (University of Potsdam), Dissertation: "Advances of hydrogravimetry - Terrestrial gravimeters as field tools for hydrological applications“"

2010 - 2013: Studies Geotechnology (M.Sc.,Technical University Berlin), Master thesis: "Hydrological processes in periglacial slope deposits on schist"    

2007 - 2008: Study aboard Geology (Universidad de Buenos Aires)

2005 - 2009: Studies Geotechnology (B.Sc., Technical University Berlin), Bachelor thesis: "Verlauf eines Markierungsversuchs in einem Porengrundwasserleiter, Elsterwerda"







Research Boards and Committees:

Gender and Diversity board (TerraQ, since 2021)

Vice-Chair of IAG working group Q.1 "Quantum gravimetry in space and on ground"

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