M. Sc. Marisa Repasch

Function and Responsibilities:

I am a PhD student working with Dr. Niels Hovius and Dr. Dirk Sachse to study the influence of fluvial geomorphology on the transport of organic carbon from source to sink. My research is funded through the DFG-supported StRATEgY international research training group.

Research Interests:

- Role of alluvial rivers in the carbon cycle
- Biomarker transport and preservation
- Landscape evolution in active foreland basins


B.S., 2014, Lehigh University
M.Sc., 2016, The University of New Mexico
Thesis: Birth and evolution of the Rio Grande fluvial system over the last 8 Ma: progressive downward integration and interplay among tectonics, climate, and river evolution
Thesis advisor: Dr. Karl Karlstrom
Marisa Repasch
M. Sc. Marisa Repasch
Building F , Room 423
14473 Potsdam
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