Manfred Stiller

Manfred Stiller
Manfred Stiller
Building E, Room 459
+49 331 288-1279
+49 331 288-1266

Function and Responsibilities:

      Senior Scientist                                                                        Deutsche Version
  • Planning, surveying, processing and interpretation of geophysical field experiments
  • Development of models and algorithms for description and simulation of seismic processes
  • Administration of the DEKORP data archive at the GFZ and distribution of seismic data on request

Research Interests:

  • Theory and practice of seismic data processing for reflection data of all scales (from crustal to near-surface)
  • Development and programming of special processing algorithms (3D-seismics, imaging and migration techniques, true-amplitude processing, S/N-enhancement of poor data, ultra-deep reflections, ...)
  • Investigations and developments regarding seismic field technique (seismic sources, receivers and recording systems); vibroseis signal theory
  • Design of target-adapted experiment configurations and conducting/supervising of seismic surveys
  • Combination of seismic data with other geoscientific results for an integrated geodynamic/petrophysical interpretation
  • Planning, acquisition, processing and interpretaion of applied seismics with respect to geothermal, shale-gas and CO2-storage exploration
  • Maintenance and extension of the DEKORP data archive at the GFZ; preparation and unification of internal seismic data and formats


  • 2016 - today Senior Scientist at the GFZ Potsdam, Germany (Section 2.7: Near-Surface Geophysics; planning, surveying, processing and interpretation of geophysical experiments)
  • 1999 - 2016 Senior Scientist at the GFZ Potsdam, Germany (Section 2.2: Deep Geophysical Sounding; planning, surveying, processing and interpretation of seismic reflection experiments)
  • 1994 - 1998 Research Scientist at the GFZ Potsdam, Germany (Section 3.1: Structure, Evolution and Geodynamics; member of the DEKORP project management)
  • 1984 - 1994 Research Scientist at the Institute of Geophysics, TU Clausthal, Germany (formation and operation of the DEKORP Processing Center)


  • 1975 - 1982 Study of Geophysics, Institute of Geophysics, Technical University Clausthal, Germany (focus: applied geophysics, gravimetry, geothermics, petrophysics, and seismics)


  • RissDom-A 2017 - Investigation of a deep geothermal reservoir with high-fold 3D seismics and 3D DAS/VSP
  • WeatherSeis 2014-2016 - Investigation of the weathering layers with high-resolutional, near-surface seismics
  • BASE 2013 - Investigation of a continental sedimentary basin for paleo-climatic studies (Baza, Spain)
  • PosiSeis 2013 - Investigation of Posedonian black shales from the surface outcrop down to depth (Minden, Germany)
  • GASH 2012 - Investigation of near-surface black shales (Bornholm, Denmark)
  • TEMPELHOF 2011 - Investigation of deep subsurface structures with high resolution in the city centre of Berlin (Germany)
  • GASH 2010 - Investigation of near-surface black shales (Bornholm, Denmark)
  • SEZ 2009 - Investigation of geometry and stratigraphy of an alpine valley (Austria)
  • DESIRE 2006 - Investigation of the Dead Sea Rift/Transform Fault (Israel, Jordan)
  • TIPTEQ 2005 - Investigation of the Valdivia 1960 mega-earthquake zone (Southern Chile)
  • Ketzin 2004 - Investigation on the comparability of different surface seismic sources (Germany)
  • TSP 2003 - Investigation on the applicability of seismic sources in an Alpine tunnel (Switzerland)
  • SPOC 2001 - Investigation of an active continental margin (Southern Chile)
  • DESERT 2001 - Investigation of the Arava fault with high-resolutional near-surface seismics (Jordan)
  • DESERT 2000 - Investigation of the Dead Sea Rift/Transform Fault (Israel, Jordan)
  • TRANSALP 1998/1999 - Investigation of the East Alpine orogenic belt (Germany, Austria, Italy)
  • TANGO 1998 - Investigation of a passive continental margin (Argentina)
  • ANCORP 1996 - Investigation of an active continental margin (Northern Chile)
  • BASIN 1996 - Investigation of an intracontinental basin (NE Germany)
  • URSEIS 1995 - Investigation of the Ural collisional mountain belt (Russia, Bashkiria)
  • KTB-3D/2 1994 - Investigation of structures at an ultra-deep drill site (SE Germany)
  • DEKORP 1984 - 1993 Investigation of the earth's crust within the 'German Continental Seismic Reflection Program' (more than 25 deep-seismic 2D profiles and one 3D survey, Germany)

Research Boards and Committees:

  • Member of the European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE)
  • Reviewer for several international (geo)scientific journals: Geophysical Prospecting (GP), International Journal of Earth Sciences (IJES), Tectonophysics (TP), Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Austrian Journal of Earth Sciences (AJES), Pure and Applied Geophysics (PAGeoph), Geophysical Journal International (GJI) and others


  • Best Paper Award at the World Geothermal Congress (WTC) Melbourne 2015 for the poster (co-authorship with Inga Moeck) Geothermal Exploration in Mega Cities: Results from Reflection Seismic Surveying in Berlin (Germany)
  • Young Professionals Award at the annual conference of the German Geophysical Society (DGG) Frankfurt 2001 for the poster (co-authorship with Dagmar Kesten) Das Dead Sea Störungssystem - Ergebnisse des reflexionsseismischen Steilwinkelexperiments im Projekt DESERT 2000
  • Hans-Joachim-Martini-Award 1991 for excellent developments in the field of 3D-seismic surveying