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Dr.-Ing. Kyriakos Balidakis

Dr.-Ing. Kyriakos Balidakis
Building A 20, Room 325 (Büro)
14473 Potsdam

Function and Responsibilities:

Postdoctoral researcher at the "Dynamics of Atmosphere and Hydrosphere" group

Research Interests:

Geophysical loading
Atmospheric refraction at microwave and optical wavelengths
Very long baseline interferometry (VLBI) software development and data analysis
Monte Carlo simulation of space geodetic observations


2021/04 - now: Research scientist at GFZ Potsdam (TerraQ)
2021/01 - 2021/03: Research scientist at GFZ Potsdam (GRSP for Galileo)
2020/07 - 2020/12: Research scientist at GFZ Potsdam (Helmholtz Association project ADVANTAGE)
2020/03 - 2020/03: Research stay at JPL/NASA (Geodynamics and Space Geodesy group)
2019/01 - 2020/06: Research scientist at GFZ Potsdam (Geodetic and Astrometric VLBI group)
2017/12 – 2019/09: Research associate at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (ERDF-Interreg project BeRTISS)
2017/07 – 2018/12: Research associate at GFZ Potsdam (Helmholtz Association project ADVANTAGE)
2015/06 – 2017/03: Research associate at Technische Universität Berlin (DFG project ECORAS)
2014/11 - 2015/06: Research assistant at GFZ Potsdam (Geodetic and Astrometric VLBI group)


Dr.-Ing. in Geodesy and Geoinformation Science, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany, 2019 
Dipl.-Ing. in Geodesy and Surveying, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, 2014


Research Boards and Committees:

IAG Fellow (2023)
Chair of the IAG JWG 1.1.1 "Intra- and Inter-Technique Atmospheric Ties" (2019-2023)
Member of the IAG JSG T.29 "Machine learning in geodesy" (2019-2023)
Member of the IAG JWG C.2 "Quality control methods for climate applications of geodetic tropospheric parameters" (2019-2023)
Co-convener EGU General Assembly (since 2021)
Member (Associate) of the IERS (since 2020)
Member (Associate) of the IAG (since 2016)
Member (Associate) of the IVS (since 2015)
GFZ Postdoc representative (2022)


Wissenschaftspreis Geodäsie 2020, awarded by the German Geodetic Commission
Friedrich-Robert-Helmert prize for best doctoral dissertation of the year 2019, awarded by the Association of Friends and Supporters of the GFZ

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