M. Sc. Karsten Adler

Function and Responsibilities:

Geoscientist, PhD Student

Research Interests:

- Geo-bio interactions in natural systems

- Microbial cell membrane components (lipids) of fossil and recent life (bacteria and archaea)

- Mineralogical alteration during early diagenesis and mineralogical changes related to ascending CO2 (gaseous and dissolved in the formation water)

- Stable-carbon isotope analysis


In the framework of the DFG funded project Impact of geogenic CO2 on the deep biosphere I am investigating the effect of a natural, wet CO 2 degassing structure on deep microbial communities and their surrounding sedimentary life habitat.
Karsten Adler
M. Sc. Karsten Adler
PhD Student
Building B , Room 455
14473 Potsdam
+49 331 288-1825