Dr. Franziska Wilke

Franziska Wilke
Dr. Franziska Wilke
Building D, Room 222
14473 Potsdam
+49 331 288-1317

Function and Responsibilities:

Head of the electron mircoprobe laboratory

Research Interests:

Petrology and petrography of (U)HP metamorphic rocks: investigations about subduction and exhumation ( Photo selected for the EGU blog)
Isotope geochemistry: geochronology (U-Pb) and thermochronology (Ar-Ar, fission-track, (U-Th)/He)
Mobility of elements (eg metals, radioactive elements, fluoride, REEs) in anthropgenically influenced systems such as shale gas or geothermal energy production sites, as well as in natural systems
Weathering of minerals in complex environments, such as aquifers and hydrate bearing sediments, convenient for pure or impure CO 2 injection as well as in the acidic or alkaline environment of volcanoes


Research Boards and Committees:

Elected member of the internal scientific council of the GFZ (2016-2022)


DFG Stipend, PhD-student in the Graduate School 1364 "Shaping earth's surface in a variable environment"