Dr. Elisabeth Dietze

Elisabeth Dietze
Dr. Elisabeth Dietze
Building B, Room 222
14473 Potsdam
+49 331 288-2220

Function and Responsibilities:

Scientific interests

  • landscape evolution and palaeoclimate (e.g., northern central Europe, Tibetan Plateau)
  • palaeoenvironmental information on sediment cascades, lake level changes, and palaeofire regimes using lacustrine and terrestrial sediment archives
  • approaches from sedimentology, multivariate statistics (e.g., end-member modelling of grain size data), dating, multiple fire proxies including fire biomarkers (e.g. anhydrosugars)




  • since 2018: Scientist at AWI Potsdam (https://www.awi.de/nc/en/about-us/organisation/staff/elisabeth-dietze.html)
  • since 2018: Guest Researcher Section Organic Geochemistry, GFZ Potsdam
  • 2012-2018: Scientific assistant / PostDoc, GFZ Potsdam (ICLEA project)
  • 2012: Scientific assistant at the Chair of Physical Geography/Regional Geography of Central Europe, Technical University Dresden (teaching geomorphology)
  • 2008-2012: PhD-student and scientific assistant at Institute of Geographical Sciences, Free University of Berlin (TiP project)
  • 2007-2008: Scientific assistant at the Chair of Landscape Ecology, Technical University Dresden (teaching landscape ecology)
  • 2007: Scientific assistant at the Laboratory for Radio- and Environmental Chemistry, Paul-Scherrer-Institute, Villigen and University of Bern, Switzerland (analytical chemistry group)
  • 2006: Internship at CICESE, Ensenada, BC Mexico (Ciencias del mar y de la tierra)
  • 2002-2006: Student Research Assistant in Geography Department, Technical University Dresden (different projects) 

Associate editor, E&G Quaternary Science Journal (since 2019)

Science Officer, EGU Climate Division and EGU-GA session convener (since 2018/2019)

Scientific Advisory Board member, German Working Group (AK) Geomorphology (since 2018)

Journal reviewer: The Holocene; Journal of Quaternary Sciences; Sedimentology; Earth Surface

Processes and Landforms; Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems; Palaeogeography,

Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology; Quaternary International; Catena; among others

Memberships: German Working Group (AK) Geomorphology; PAGES Global Paleofire Working Group; Board Member NGO Cambugán Foundation, Ecuador

National & international conferences, university colloquia: >25 talks (10 invited), >25 posters


Peer-reviewed publications

Dietze, E., Brykała, D., Schreuder, L.T., Jażdżewski, K., Blarquez, O., Brauer, A., Dietze, M., Obremska, M., Ott, F., Schouten, S., Hopmans, E.C., Słowiński, M., in revision. Human-induced fire regime shifts during 19th century industrialization: a robust fire regime reconstruction using northern Polish lake sediments. PLOS ONE, in revision, preprint at EarthArXiv.

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Price for best talk at the annual meeting of the AK Geomorphologie in Eichstätt, Germany, 2013

Travel Grants from PAGES and IAS (International Association of Sedimentologists) for participating in the 2nd PAGES Young Scientist and 4th PAGES Open Science Meeting in Goa, India (Feb. 2013)

Nature Geoscience Poster Award at XVIII. INQUA-Congress. Quaternary sciences – the view from the mountains. 21-27 July 2011 in Bern, Switzerland

Lohrmann Medal for excellent studies (Gesamtstudienleistung), Technische Universität Dresden, 2007