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Dr. Daniel Scheffler

Dr. Daniel Scheffler
Building A 17, Room 20.11 (Büro)
14473 Potsdam

Function and Responsibilities:

  • Development of a preprocessing chain for the hyperspectral sensor EnMAP (EnMAP Processing Tool - EnPT)
  • Development of product validation tools for EnMAP (EnVAL)
  • Development of automatic satellite image processing workflows for GeoMultiSens, FINDR and MIPSTR
  • Geometric and radiometric fusion of multi-sensoral satellite images

Research Interests:

  • Big Data processing of multispectral remote sensing data
  • Geo-processing / Software-Development (Python / Matlab)
  • Hyperspektral remote sensing
  • Cloud processing
  • Sensor sensitivity analyses



  • GeoMultiSens: Big Data Methods for multi sensor processing of Earth observation data
  • Environmental Mapping and Analysis Program (EnMAP)
    • EnPT
    • ENVAL
  • FERN.Lab: Remote sensing for sustainable use of resources – scientifically sound, transdisciplinary and application-oriented
    • FINDR
    • MIPSTR


  • AROSICS - Automated and Robust Open-Source Image Co-Registration Software (repository)
  • gms_preprocessing - Spatial and spectral homogenization of satellite remote sensing data (pre-processing chain within GeoMultiSens)
  • EnPT - EnMAP Processing Tool - A Python package for pre-processing of EnMAP Level-1B data to Level-2A (repository)
  • SpecHomo - Spectral homogenization of multispectral satellite data (repository)
  • EnVAL - EnMAP product validation tool
  • findr_homo - Spatial and spectral homogenization of remote sensing data as used in the FindR project
  • heatr_homo - Thermal data homogenization for the MIPSTR project
  • ...

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