Dr. Carina Haeger

Dr. Carina Haeger
Building A 20, Room 323
14473 Potsdam


  • Since March 2016: PhD student at the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ) Potsdam, Section "Earth System Modelling"
  • 2012 - 2016: M.Sc. in Geophysics at the University of Münster
    Masterthesis: "Geophysical 4D imaging of the 2004 eruption of Mt. St.Helens volcano - A study of its attenuation and scattering characteristics"
  • 2009 - 2012: B.Sc. in Geophysics at the University of Münster
    Bachelorthesis: "Attenuation and scattering imaging at Mount St. Helens"


DFG Priority Program SPP 1788 DynamicEarth:
Project: Thermal, density and rheological model of Antarctica based on the integration of satellite data and its application to the thermal regime of the ice shield.

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