Dr. Bettina Strauch

Dr. Bettina Strauch
Building B, Room 320
14473 Potsdam

Function and Responsibilities:

 project scientist in




project manager


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Research Interests:

  • fluid migration and related processes in salt rock
  • gas hydrate research (lab based investigation of e.g. CH4-CO2 exchange, effects of impurities, THF hydrate as substitute for natural hydrate)
  • analysis and microthermometry of fluid inclusions and in magmatic and sedimentary rocks
  • membrane based gas-water separation for gas capturing and monitoring purposes
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • low-temperature calorimetry
  • X-ray diffraction analysis coupled to freezing stage or humidity chamber


2007- now     scientist, Helmholtz-Zentrum Potsdam, GFZ.
1993-1998     technical assistant, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research Potsdam.
1990-1992     lab assistant, Mikroelektronik-Stahnsdorf, Stahnsdorf, Germany.


H2React2 (BMBF) „Transport von Wasserstoff in Gesteinen unter Berücksichtigung biotischer, chemischer und mikrobieller Redoxreaktionen“

-   determination of hydrogen transport parameters in reservoir- and cap rocks using diffusion cells


COSa (GFZ Innovation Funding) „Experimentelle Simulationen zur Energiegewinnung mittels CO2 Phasenübergängen in Salzbergwerken“

- design and set up of a lab-scale apparatus fort the test of an energy production concept using CO2 phase transitions


COMet (GFZ Smart Grant) „CO2 Messungen im Tiefbrunnen“

- development and test of membrane-covered CO2 sensors in water


ProSalz(BMBF) “Prozessverständnis, Skalierbarkeit und Übertragbarkeit von reaktivem Mehrphasentransport in Salzlagerstätten”
- project coordination
- fluid, rock and gas geochemical monitoring and analyses
- fluid inclusion analyses
- in situ and lab-based experimental simulations

SUGAR I and II(BMWi) “Submarine Gas Hydrate Reservoirs”
- usage of silicone membranes as tools for gas extraction and monitoring in the course of hydrate formation and dissociation
- lab based simulations on CO2 – CH4 exchange in gas hydrates

ASA project (Carl von Duisberg Foundation of development cooperation)

- public campaign focusing on water pollution and waste in in Karaganda, Kazakhstan.

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