Dr.Ingo Sasgen


Research Interests:

  • Gravity field and its temporal variations
  • Evolution of polar ice sheets
  • Past and present sea-level change
  • Geophysical modelling of glacial-isostatic adjustment
  • Ice-mass balance estimates from Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE)



  • Nov 1996–Aug 2004: Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, Technical University Munich; Major subject: Geophysics; Minor subject: Satellite geodesy; Degree: Diploma in Geophysics
  • Sep 2000–Aug 2001: University of Toronto, School of Graduate Studies, Visiting student at the departments of physics and geology


  • DFG-Priority Programe SPP1158: "Antarctic Research with comparative investigations in Arctic ice areas" (DIEM): Geodetic and geomorphologic data assimilation into a coupled ice sheet/solid Earth model for separating present and past ice sheet behavior in Antarctica"
  • BMBF-research project MiKlip "Decadal Predictions", project GeoClim "Geodetic Satellite Observations for Climate Model Validation"
  • DFG-Priority Programe SPP1257: "Mass transport and mass distribution in the Earth system": (AGIA) "Antarctic glacial-isostatic adjustment from GRACE and numerical modelling"
  • Helmholtz Climate Initiative REKLIM (Regional climate change), Topic 2: "Sea level change and coastal protection" 
  • Oct 2004–Jan 2009: Helmholtz-EOS PhD Program, Topic I: Ice and Ocean

Research Boards and Committees: