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Dr. Anne Voigtländer

Dr. Anne Voigtländer
Building F, Room 454 (Büro)
14473 Potsdam

Function and Responsibilities:

Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Interests:

I am a geoscientist and geomorphologist. My background is in the theoretical deconstruction of landforms and processes within, and in the physical construction of landscapes. In my PhD I explored the rheology of rocks at Earth surface conditions in the context of slope instability hazards with a focus on subcritical crack growth, residual strain relaxation, and the influence of water. My current Postdoc, extends to the evolution of landscapes. I continue to use rock mechanics, and neutron diffraction techniques; add analogue experiments, numerical models, and remote sensing to better understand the processes affecting the formation and persistence of landforms. I like to move in between the messiness of field studies and the abstract view of physics. In order to do this, I combine methods from geophysics, material sciences, geochemistry, engineering and the arts. Besides that, I am intrigued by geometries, structures, and behaviours of nature and people who explore and imagine each other. I spent my career, in- and outside of academia, mainly in Europe, but collaborations and fieldwork are international. For me knowledge production is a discourse with whoever wants to engage discussing science in an honest, humorous, critical, and undogmatic manner.

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