M. Sc. Andreas Ruby

PhD Student
M. Sc. Andreas Ruby
Building F, Room 423
14473 Potsdam

Function and Responsibilities:

PhD Student with Prof. Taylor Schildgen.

Supporting the Doctoral Researcher Representatives.

Research Interests:

  • Erosion, sediment transport and deposition in alluvial rivers dependent from regional climate
  • (semi automated) Mapping of fluvial terraces
  • Weathering processes of alluvial deposits via spectral remote sensing and in situ data
  • Dating of alluvial deposits via optical stimulated luminescence (OSL) and cosmogenic nuclides (10Be)


Since 11/2021: Doctoral Researcher in the GyroSCoPe project

08/2020 - 09/2020: Internship with Luca C. Malatesta (Section 4.7: Earth Surface Process Modelling)
                               "Morphometric analysis of MIS 5e marine terraces at Sado Island, Japan"

07/2019 - 09/2019: Internship with Christopher Kyba (Section 1.4: Remote Sensing)
                               "Measurement of the contribution of street lighting to satellite observations of nighttime light emissions from urban areas" (Leon Gaster Award - Society of Light and Lighting 2021)


2019 - 2021:  M.Sc. Earth Surface Process Dynamics, University of Trier
                      Master thesis with Prof. Johannes B. Ries:
                      "Gully erosion in the Souss basin, South Morocco - Analysis of geomorphic dynamics via Structure-from-Motion"

2013 - 2019:  1. State Examination in Geography and NwT as teaching degree for highschool, University of Tübingen
                      Final thesis with Prof. Volker Hochschild:
                      "Comparison of several change detection methods for the usage of radar remote sensing of Earth's surface process dynamics"


The overarching goal of the project is to better understand how periodic changes in climate have influenced the evolution of landscapes and how that evolution may be best reconstructed from sedimentary deposits. We therefore develop and calibrate a numerical model as well as cosmogenic nuclide dating of fluvial terraces and alluvial fans to enhance our understanding of the interconnections between changes in river discharge, incision, sedimentation and formation of different landscapes along alluvial-river profiles. Field sites are the Patagonian foreland of the Andes and the Tien Shan, in Kyrgyzstan.

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