Dr. Alina Shevchenko

Dr. Alina Shevchenko
Building H 7, Room 320
Helmholtzstraße 6/7
14467 Potsdam

Function and Responsibilities:

Postdoctoral researcher in volcanology

Research Interests:


Volcano geomorphology

Aerial surveying

Airborne and satellite remote sensing

Photogrammetry of active volcanoes, geothermal objects, and volcanic glaciers

Eruption parameters calculation

Topographic mapping

Hazard estimation and mapping


Previous research at the Laboratory of Geodesy and Remote Sensing at the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Kamchatka) in the field of monitoring morphological changes during eruptions of Kamchatka active volcanoes


2016    Ph.D. in Geomorphology at the Institute of Earth Sciences, Saint Petersburg State University

2012-2015    Postgraduate courses on Geomorphology and Evolutionary geography at the Vitus Bering Kamchatka State University

2004-2010    IT Specialist Degree at the Department of Information Technology, Kamchatka State Technical University


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