Dr. Alexander Rudloff

Dr. Alexander Rudloff
Building F, Room 325
14473 Potsdam

Function and Responsibilities:

Research Interests:

  • Earthquakes: Major and Damaging EQ Worldwide, EQ in Germany, Seismic Hazard and Risk Analysis, Engineering Seismology, Historical Records
  • Tsunami: Dissemination, Formation, Early Warning, Worldwide Occurence, Historical Records
  • Geodynamics: Subduction Zones; with Special Interest on Europe/Mediterranean, Indonesia, South America
  • Geoenergy: Geothermal, CO2- and H2-Underground Storage


since 1/2016 | Staff Member of the Scienctific Executive Director at GFZ

8/2007 until 12/2015 | Staff Member of the Scienctific Executive Board at GFZ

8/2005 until 7/2007 | Member of Project Management GITEWS; „German Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System“, GFZ Potsdam


1/1998 | Dr. rer. nat (Ph.D.) in Geosciences at Free University of Berlin

4/1986 until 7/1993 | Studies of Geophysics, Geology and Minerology at Free University of Berlin, Degree: Diploma Geophysics (M.Sc.)

7/1984 | Abitur (A-levels) at Freie Waldorfschule Frankfurt/Main


ASTARTE (EU-FP7)| WP7 "Early Warning and Forecast" (2013-2017)

GeoEn (BMBF)WP Coordination (2008-2013)

GITEWS (BMBF) | WP Project Management (2005-2011) and System Integration (2007-2011)

Field surveys:

11/2005 | SO186 - Leg1 with RV Sonne, Sumatra/Indonesia (GITEWS)

9/1997 until 11/1997 | PUNA ´97 - Seismological Network, NE-Argentina (SFB 267, San Antonio de los Cobres)

8/1995 until 10/1995 | CINCA ´95 - Seismological Network, N-Chile (SFB 267 & Task-Force Earthquakes, Antofagasta)

1/1994 until 5/1994 | PISCO ´94 - Seismological Network, N-Chile (SFB 267, San Pedro de Atacama)

Research Boards and Committees:

from July 2007 until December 2019 | Executive Secretary of the International Lithosphere Program (ILP), Head of ILP Office at GFZ

from March 2003 until March 2015 | Treasurer of the Deutschen Geophysikalischen Gesellschaft (DGG) e.V., Board member of DGG


2015 | GFZ-Price for Science Management

2000 | "Best Poster Award" of the Deutschen Geophysikalischen Gesellschaft (DGG) e.V.

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