The hybridMT is MATLAB/shell environment software package for the seismic moment tensor inversion in time domain. The package allows to estimate fault plane parameters and the balance between volumetric and non-volumetric strain in the seismic source using different decomposition schemes. The moment tensors of earthquakes forming a cluster can be further refined using hybrid moment tensor approach that suppresses effects related to path, sensor and site effects. The methodology is optimized for earthquake data recorded by regional-to-local seismic networks as well as for acoustic emission activity.

User group

International users in the field of seismology as well as geosciences in general.


  • Inversion of first P-wave amplitude data for unconstrained full, deviatoric and double-couple moment tensors
  • Suppression of propagation, site and sensor-related effects through hybrid seismic moment tensor approach
  • Uncertainty assessments using resampling approach
  • Shell command / MATLAB wrapper calls
  • Graphical beach-ball output (SVG, PNG, EPS, PDF) and flexible ASCII export

The moment tensor inversion may be performed directly in the shell environment (by a dedicated command-line tool) or conveniently through the MATLAB wrapper functions. The package is supplemented with extensive documentation, tutorials, and a dedicated website.

Improved quality of seismic moment tensors by hybrid moment tensor approach:

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