SeisComP is a widely distributed seismological software package for real-time monitoring of earthquakes and other seismic events and provides for data acquisition, processing, distribution and interactive analysis. It has been developed within the GEOFON Program by Helmholtz Centre Potsdam GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences and gempa GmbH with contributions from other international partners.

The software system consists of several automatic and interactive modules working separately to process data and to analyze seismicity. The software design ensures high robustness and a flexibility to respond to new developments within the SeisComP community.

User group

Seismologists and earthquake specialists at many hundreds of data and research centers as well as governmental agencies and companies world-wide benefit from this open source software by its reliability, performance, automation, usability and maintenance.


In general, SeisComP includes several features as:

  • Data acquisition, recording and quality control
  • Real-time data exchange and processing
  • Automatic and interactive event detection & location and magnitude calculation
  • Interactive determination of focal mechanisms
  • Network status monitoring and issuing event alerts
  • Easy access to relevant information about stations, waveforms and recent earthquakes
  • Python interface for developing custom scripts and modules

Within SeisComP each modul has particular tasks. There are data acquisition and automatic processing modules, which allow to provide, store and process waveform data or event parameters in real-time or offline. GUI modules show waveforms and processing results and allow user interactions. Users can view the latest events on a map with relevant event parameters or the seismogram of a station in a helicorder plot. Events can be selected for further processing as determining magnitudes and focal mechanisms.

In order to manipulate inventories and provide access to the data base several inventory and utility modules for managing those issues are included to SeisComP. The user-friendly documentation provides comprehensive descriptions to all concepts, modules and extentions for the current release. Community user have the possibility to contribute to the documentation.

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