The unique GFZ software gfzrnx plays a central role for the processing of RINEX files from GNSS observations. The toolbox for file check and manipulation supports RINEX observation, navigation and meteorological data. The software is available for major platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Sun OS).

User group

GFZRNX is designed and created for the needs of the GNSS community either as a commercial version with a dedicated annual licence for commercial need or as a scietific and free-of-charge version for scientific projects. Both versions require a registration.


The following operations/tasks are supported:

  • RINEX file check and repair
  • RINEX file format conversion
  • RINEX file splice and file split
  • RINEX file statistics generation
  • RINEX file manipulations like data sampling, observation types and satellite systems selection, elimination of overall empty or sparse observation types
  • Automatic version dependent file naming on output file
  • RINEX file (re)naming support, header editing
  • RINEX file meta data extraction and file comparison

GFZRNX is a command line executable and can be used in a terminal window or batch scripts. It has no graphical interface.

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