Fossil carbon and resources

The maturation and alteration of organic matter in sedimentary basins leads to the release of organic molecules. Selected molecules are low molecular, thus soluble in formation water (e.g., methane, carbon dioxide, acetic acid, etc.), and modify pH and Eh. The change of such controlling hydrogeochemical properties may cause imbalances among metastable mineral species, and lead to new equilibria among stable minerals. There is a wealth of prominent geochemical processes in the geological underground which are part of such complex hydrogeochemical reaction chains, e.g., thermochemical sulfate reduction. These interacting reaction chains are called "Organic-Inorganic Interactions", and are the research topic of our group.

Specific topics fall under the umbrella of our research programme 2021-2027 "Changing Earth - Sustaining our Future" and are part of topic 8 " Georesources for the Energy Transition and a High-Tech Society ". These are:

Behind this list are selected publications of the last years.


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