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Lake Junín (english only)

Relating physical properties from geophysical downhole logging data with clay mineralogy from drill core samples of the ICDP Lake Junín drilling project, Peru

Lake sediment studies have become increasingly important in environmental and geological sciences. However, the downhole logging data are rarely used to contribute to specific scientific research tasks in lacustrine projects, although they allow the determination of lithological, mineralogical and stratigraphic properties of the rock and sediments especially in the gap section or bed core recovery. In this framework this DFG-funded project we aim to identify the physical properties of lithological units using downhole logging data from the Lake Junín boreholes and to compare and connect these data with core sample mineralogy. There are three main objectives: i. to reconstruct a continuous lithological profile and petrophysical characterization of sediments based on physical properties from downhole logging using the cluster analysis; ii. to investigate the cyclostratigraphic characteristic of sediments using downhole logging data, and iii. to analyze the mineralogical composition and geochemistry of clay minerals in core samples, and compare them with small –and large scale mineralogical trends found in logging data.

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