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Section 2.7: Space Physics and Space Weather

PAGER - Prediction of Adverse effects of Geomagnetic storms and Energetic Radiation Stakeholders - such as satellite operators and manufacturers - require space weather predictions to have long lead times and confidence levels and that they should be tailored to particular engineering systems. These requirements will be addressed in the new PAGER project.

MAP - MAchine learning based Plasma density model In this project we will demonstrate how machine learning tools can be used to produce a real-time global empirical model of the near-Earth plasma density based on a variety of measurements.

Novel methods for the 3D reconstruction of the dynamic evolution of the Van Allen belts using multiple satellite measurements (project B06 of Collaborative Research Centre 1294 “Data Assimilation: The seamless integration of data and models”)

SWAMI project aims to enhance the understanding of space weather processes and their impact on atmospheric density by: developing improved atmosphere and thermosphere models; new geomagnetic activity indices; and improving the forecast capabilities of the existing and new geomagnetic activity indices.

On this site you will find past projects of the Section 2.7.

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