IGS Reprocessing Campaigns

After the successful first full reprocessing by the International GNSS Service (IGS) in 2010 the Analysis Centers of the IGS began the second reprocessing. The full history of GPS data collected by the IGS global network since 1994 have been reanalysed in a fully consistent way using the latest models and methodology: reference frame IGb08 based on ITRF2008, antenna calibration igs08.atx, Albedo model, geopotential model (IERS2010), higher-order ionosphere effects, a priori meteorological model (GPT2) and VMF mapping function.

Two ACs of the German Research Centre for Geosciences contributed to the 1st and 2nd IGS Reprocessing Campaign. They are the routinely operating IGS AC (GFZ) and the IGS Tide Gauge Benchmark Monitoring Project (TIGA). For the GFZ/TIGA reprocessing the GPS data of the globally distributed IGS and TIGA tracking network with hundreds of stations for the time span from 1994 to end of 2013/2015 were reprocessed. Our reprocessed solutions contribute to the ITRF2014 by providing long and consistent time series of station coordinates, GPS satellite orbits and earth rotation parameters.

The GFZ reprocessing products are available at GFZ FTP and CDDIS FTP. The GFZ FTP stores the daily & weekly coordinates, clocks, orbits and Earth rotation parameters.


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