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GNSS Software

A fully featured GNSS station software has been developed since 2005. It comprises data logging, transfer and monitoring tools. Different GNSS receiver types are supported, like Septentrio, Javad, Topcon, Novatel, Garmin, AOA Benchmark, etc. of both, dual and single frequency types. It enables real-time streaming capabilities even for receivers that do not have this feature out of the box. The software supports high sampling rates (tested up to 50 Hz) and commonly used data file lengths (15 minute, hourly, daily).

Data logging of meteo data is possible for weather stations made by Vaisala, Timetech, and other manufacturers.

Data transfer is performed via scp by default, and can be combined with real-time transfer. FTP data transfer is supported, too, although not advised.

The software supports different hardware switch tools to monitor the functionality and to reset faulty devices. Monitoring of the system status can be done through a web interface.

The software has been developed for the Linux operating system using perl, csh and php. Executables are available for convenient on-site installation.

It has been developed for the operation of real-time reference stations, but can be used for offline, stand-alone sites as well. Thus, the software is used for the global GNSS network operated by GFZ, for GITEWS RTR stations and for different GNSS campaigns.

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