Section 1.1: Space Geodetic Techniques

IGS Analysis Center

As an analysis center, we offer precise station coordinates, satellite orbits, satellite clock corrections and earth rotation parameters in accordance with the standards of the International GNSS Service (IGS) in the product lines ultra-rapid (available after 3-9 hours), rapid (available after one day) and final (available after two weeks) for GPS and GLONASS.

Operational Data Centre

The Operational Data Center serves the preparation and quality management of all incoming GNSS observation data. The generated RINEX (Receiver Independent Exchange Format) files are distributed to global and regional data centres after they passed the quality check.

GNSS Station Network

Since the early 1990s, the GFZ has operated a global GNSS station network with currently about 70 stations for precise satellite clock & orbit determination, realization of the terrestrial reference frame, radio occultation measurements or studies on crust dynamics.


The Sensor Meta Information System (SEMISYS) provides station and satellite metadata independent of format and validated in a relational database (PostgreSQL). The data can be accessed via a graphical web interface (PHP/Javascript).

IVS Tropospheric Combination Center

The IVS rapid troposphere product is a combination of zenith delay estimates provided by various IVS Analysis Centres (ACs). Contributions are currently made by BKG, CGS, DGFI, IAA, INA, and MAO. Parameters are the zenith wet delay (ZWD) and zenith total delay (ZTD) of the rapid turnaround sessions IVS-R1 and -R4.

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