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Access to seismic waveform data in the Euro-Med region
NA2 = Networking Activity 2

Time frame: 2010 - 2014

NERA (2010-2014) is an EC infrastructure project that integrates key research infrastructures in Europe for monitoring earthquakes and assessing their hazard and risk. NERA integrates and facilitates the use of these infrastructures and access to data for research, provides services and access to earthquake data and parameters, and hazard and risk products and tools. NERA activities are coordinated with other relevant EC-projects and European initiatives, and contribute to the ESFRI EPOS infrastructure and the OECD GEM program.

More than 100 professional seismological observatories throughout the European Mediterranean area gather, use and archive seismic waveforms data. ORFEUS promotes, coordinates and facilitates the availability of this data to the research community in collaboration with the observatories and research institutes. This work package tackles a number of specific developments to improve and extend the data services. There are, among others:
Development of the European Integrated waveform Data Archive (EIDA)
A number of large data centers have implemented and are improving a distributed set of data archives, at which users have a one-point access or one data retrieval tool. This development is also coordinated with EPOS. GFZ/GEOFON has the lead in this core activity of NERA.
Coordinated Quality Control
A globally coordinated quality control is being discussed and QC tools are being implemented to facilitate data searches considering data quality.
Coordinated mobile data deployments
The coordination of mobile data deployments and data exchange of such deployments within the European-Mediterranean region. Discussions are on-going on OBS data and mobile data experiments, among other the planned AlpArray experiments.
Extending the availability of open high-quality data
This involves persuading observatory networks to make their data available in a homogeneous QC controlled format for research (see VEBSN).


Winfried Hanka (GFZ Potsdam)
Angelo Strollo (GFZ Potsdam)

Principle Investigators

Winfried Hanka (GFZ Potsdam)
Torild van Eck (ORFEUS/KNMI, De Bilt, NL)
Reinoud Sleeman (KNMI, De Bilt, NL)
John Clinton (SED, ETH Zürich, CH)
Helle Pedersen (ISTerre, Grenoble, F)
Salvatore Mazza, (INGV, Rome, I)
Nikos Melis (NOA, Athen, GR)
Alex Brisborne (SeisUK, Leicester, UK)

Klaus Stammler, BGR, Hannover
Joachim Wassermann, LMU, München
Eleonore Stutzmann, IPGP, Paris, F
Many seismological networks and data centres in Europe

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