SHARE European Earthquake Catalogue 1900-2006

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The SHARE European Earthquake Catalogue (SHEEC) 1900-2006 is basically an excerpt of the European-Mediterranean Earthquake Catalogue (EMEC) by Grünthal & Wahlström (2012), the latter covering also historical time in a larger area. Minor differences between SHEEC and EMEC in this time period are described by Grünthal et al. (2013). In both catalogues., the magnitudes threshold is Mw = 3.5 for earthquake locations at latitudes ≥ 44°N and Mw = 4.0 at latitudes < 44°N.

The parameters of the catalogue have been determined by:

  • special algorithms to select one out of several possible focal parameter solutions - location, time, depth (optional), Mw magnitude, and intensity - if given by different sources
  • transformation equations to calculate Mw, if not original, from other magnitude types according to a strict hierarchy
  • routines to eliminate fake and other non-tectonic events, and to avoid duplicates

A more detailed description is given by Grünthal & Wahlström (2012).

Reference of the SHEEC 1900-2006 version:

Grünthal, G., Wahlström, R., Stromeyer, D.  (2013): The SHARE European Earthquake Catalogue (SHEEC) for the time period 1900-2006 and its comparison to European-Mediterranean Earthquake Catalogue (EMEC). Journal of Seismology 17(4): 1339-1344


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