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METIS - Seismic Risk Assessment for Nuclear Safety

Time Frame: 2020-2024

Funding: EU Horizon 2020

Project investigators in Section 2.6:Fabrice Cotton, Graeme Weatherill, Marco Pilz, Dino Bindi

Projektwebsite: https://snetp.eu/portfolio-items/metis-2/ und https://metis-h2020.eu/the-project/about/


METIS is a Horizon 2020 project whose mission is to develop and improve tools and methodologies employed in seismic safety assessments of nuclear reactors and translate this research into practice for industry use. The project will also develop common guidelines to facilitate periodic safety reviews, promote good practices under the Nuclear Safety Directiveand enable risk-informed decision-making, and as a result, directly contribute to the safety and competitiveness of the European nuclear industry.

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