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International Lithosphere Program Task Force III: Global Lithospheric Stress - The World Stress Map in 3D

Time Frame: 2021-2025


  • ILP - Internationale Lithosphere Program

Principal Investigators

Project Website: www.scl-ilp.org

Cooperations: Maria Ask (Luela University of Technology, Sweden), Marcelo Assumpcao (University Sao Paulo, Brasil), Damien Delvaux (Royal Museum of Central Africa, Belgium), Susana Custodio (University Lissabon, Portugal), Thomas Finkbeiner (KAUST, Saudi Arabia), Richard Hillis (University of Adelaide, Australia), Andrew Kingdon (British Geological Survey, UK), Jens Lund-Snee (Stanford University, USA), Kuo-Fong Ma (National Central University, Taiwan), Paola Montone (INGV, Italy), Birgit Müller (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany), Karsten Reiter (TU Darmstadt, Germany), Mark Tingay (Petronas, Malaysia), Douglas Schmitt (Purdue University, USA), Duvvury Subrahmanyam (National Institute of Rock Mechanics, India), Furen Xie (Institute of Crustal Dynamics, China)

The key objective Task Force is to extend the WSM database with a quality ranked compilation of stress magnitude data. In addition, the current WSM database only compiles the stress data for the upper 40 km of the Earth’s crust to represent the crustal stress. However, most of the global scale geodynamic models need to be calibrated with stress data on the deeper part of the Earth’s lithosphere. Therefore, as the second major objective of this proposed Task Force, we will systematically compile the lithospheric stress data as well.

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