TEAM - Trace Gas Exchange in the Earth-Atmosphere System on Multiple Scales

TEAM (Trace Gas Exchange in the Earth-Atmosphere System on Multiple Scales) is a Helmholtz Young Investigator group that started in 2012 and focuses on land-atmosphere interactions and the exchange of carbon dioxide and methane on multiple spatial scales.

Our study sites are located in the permafrost regions of Alaska, Canada, and Siberia and in a mire in North-East Germany. In order to investigate processes on local and regional scales, we work with data from stationary tower systems and airborne measurements. Currently, we have established a long-term observation site in Zarnekow in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, which belongs to the German Terrestrial Environmental Observatories Network (TERENO).

The airborne measurements are conducted on a campaign basis. In 2011, the annual AIRMETH (Airborne Measurements of methane fluxes) campaigns with partners at the Alfred Wegner Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven began in Germany and Scandinavia. Since 2012, the AIRMETH measurements have been conducted in the permafrost regions of northern Alaska and northwestern Canada. In 2012 helicopter based carbon dioxide fluxes were derived above the Lena Delta region in Siberia. These measurements were realized jointly with the University of Braunschweig that provided the Helipod, an autonomous helicopter-towed measurement system including electric power supply, computer and navigation system, as well as instruments for measuring a variety of meteorological parameters. A documentary about the scientific work in Siberia including the Helipod flights in 2012 can be seen here (in German only).


If you are a student interested in our research, you are welcome to contact us for possible topics for internships, bachelor or master theses! If you are interested in pursuing a PhD with us, we are happy to help you secure funding through scholarships or other third party sources. Potential funding sources include the DAAD or any of the organizations listed here: Contact us if you have any questions.


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